Calculator - My Pension Plan – Individuals

Please enter your desired amont in the calculator and check what your projected pension savings will be if you become a member of Sava Penzija Plus by way of individual membership

This calculation is informative. The resulting amount of accumulated assets is projected on the basis of parameters entered by the user him/herself: the period of payment, current individual account status, monthly or annual amount of voluntary contributions, contributions paid and expected rate of return. The calculation includes "asset management fee and transaction costs, for more details open here..

The yield on your voluntary individual account and/or professional account is variable and depends on the yield of your Voluntary Pension Fund and the fees charged by your Company managing the Voluntary Pension Fund. Future rates of return are not guaranteed. Return on personal income tax is included for individual members. The amount on which tax return for one calendar year is calculated may not be higher than 4 average monthly gross salaries in the Republic Macedonia published for the previous year. The payment of retirement benefits from voluntary pension insurance is taxable under the provisions of the Law on Personal Income Tax.